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Vital & living Finland 2020

Progress 100%
Timeline 7 weeks
Due June 2017
Owner Migri Customer Service Unit


There are about 350 million people in the world working with new technologies who are looking for the best place to live and work. In terms of national income, these experts account for about EUR 1700 billion worth of labor.

Relative to it’s size, with average interest Finland would host about 350 000 of those skilled technologists.

Successful people and businesses need an environment that serves as a platform for creativity and one that allows risk taking, supporting and creating a framework for a thriving business. The Nordic welfare state could attract start-ups through their basic experiment and social safety nets.

Currently, applying for a residence permit for business and employment is a long, expensive and complex process for all parties. The biggest challenge is within the authority processes, which can be slow and discriminatory.

There is no single point of contact to help businesses looking to live in Finland.

Inland has tackled this challenge together with Migri, the startup community and other stakeholders. The goal is to create an attractive and easy-to-use service for entrepreneurs and investors.

our goal is to create a service that makes it an easy and attractive option to entrepreneurs and investors.