RIDE – right data for right decisions

Progress 20%
Timeline 16 week
Due December 2020
Owner Migri

The understand phase of the project started with stakeholder interviews with the board members within the Finnish Immigration Services’s (Migri) leadership, as well as research on the current decision making process.

lean canvas

We used a lean canvas to pinpoint the challenge and to predict possible impact.

Trends and future tech

Technologists brought insight of limitations as well as inspiration with trends and future tech.

Stakeholder workshop

To gather deeper understanding, we invited groups of stakeholders to brainstorming sessions.

Defining measures

as part of a KPI workshop to establish a common understanding of what we measure and how.

by 2020 an AI assistant is a member of the Migri board. It runs meetings, supports decision making and provides data to other board members.

data and AI will support before, during and after a meeting


Requests sent to data analyst to collect and visualise


Manual scenarios created for each topic to help decision making


AI assistant provides direct connection to the data and produces automatic scenarios to help decision making

After the vision phase we designed a list of features for the first prototype. Using quick, low fidelity wireframes we designed the first interface for the tool.

First wireframes of the topic hierarchy

High fidelity prototype to pitch for the need of this concept.

The research and development phase is over now. The agile development team benchmarked existing solutions for meeting management, but could not find a tool that fits our needs or allows enough custom development options. This means that a custom solution will be built. The technical architecture is currently being designed taking the data security into consideration. This project was transformed and the ICT team took over it. Currently our team is not involved in the development of it.

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