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Timeline 1 week
Due January 2017
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In September 2017 we conducted an ideation workshop in Kuhmo with participants from TUPA (asylum seeker unit). Two of the three groups presented solutions related to coordinating activities with MAMU (residence permit unit). Apparently, there was a need to find the red thread between the two units.


Ideation workshop in Kuhmo. Using familiar tools to discover problems and find solutions.


Participants in one of the teams show their solution: strong collaboration with another unit.

Proposal: pushing together towards the same goal

This construction shows how the green piece builds a bridge between the two units. The arrow (red & yellow wooden block) show the direction. The legal unit (cow) is surveying this collaborative work.

Proposal: leadership showing the direction

The train represents the different leadership levels that together lead the way to move forward.

2 days process sprint to rethink three processes

In an ideation workshop in Kuhmo, east Finland, with participants from TUPA (asylum seeker unit), they mentioned challenges in relation to three process that were shared within two units. Therefore, designers in Inland offered to work on these processes to align them in a two days intense sprint.

For this session we invited  employees from MAMU (residence permit unit) and TUPA (asylum unit). The processes were chosen by the participants before the workshop. They came together on the 21-22.11.2017 and collaborated on the future implementation of these processes.

Co-creation of internal processes

We facilitated a sprint between two units in order to review and develop three processes.
1) continuation of an application based on family ties,
2) application for permanent residence based on international protection and
3) aliens passport and refugee travel document application.

We worked on refining the processes using diagrams. These diagrams printed as big posters made possible that several people come together and align their understanding of the process in question.

In the upper part, the diagram shows the part of the process that is visible for the applicant.

In the lower part, the diagram shows the flow of activities that happen without the involvement of the applicant.

Participants of the sprint spot main challenges and overlaps. Following this analysis participants developed new proposals.

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