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A focused and energetic idea generation session, workhops help in developing a wealth of tangible ideas and validation for further work.

Suggested time 1-2 Days
Participants 6+

You will need: Pens, markers, paper, post-it notes, printouts of templates, recording device, whiteboards


  1. All workshops should be planned and facilitated by a small team, who have chosen specific areas of service, user groups and issues to work off. They should be strict with time, and make sure that all participants are heard and contributing to a commonly agreed vision. No hierarchy is welcomed to workshop atmosphere, so the facilittor should carefully plan the groups each person works in, so that they are not put in to position where they may have to critique their direct superior. If the energy runs out, and people get silent, the facilitator should help the group get started again by throwing in some questions or ideas and being positive.

  2. Use a visual plan such as a projected deck, where everyone can see the task on the hand the plan for the day. Common goals and attitude for the day should be discussed at the start, such as not saying no and not using laptops or other devices for work that’s not part of the workshop.

  3. Assign a member of the team to document everything that’s being done at the workshop, taking photos, videos and notes. Urge everyone to fearlessly visualise their ideas, they do not need to be works of art as long as they communicate and have fun!

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