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Value Proposition

The process of working through the creation of the value canvas for an idea can help participants understand the value of an idea in terms of gains and pains.

Suggested time <1 hour
Participants 1+

You will need: Research on user and service climate, a Design Principle Matrix template, pens


  1. The canvas is created early in the process through interpretation and questioning. It is a key component in deciding the value of (and refining) ideas. A facilitator should be chosen who can then guide the team through a description of the service idea on the template.

  2. The idea determines if the left or right margin of the canvas is the starting point. If the idea is a job, start on the right. If the idea is an outcome or ideal state, start on the left.

  3. The facilitator walks the team through each of the sections and headers in order. Another participant documents the details on the chart with post-it notes

  4. The “story” of the canvas is summarized and documented in writing

  5. Vote on the value of the idea and value-based refinements are recorded as well

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