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User Interviews

User interviews help understand the usage context, the current use of the service and most importantly, why they are doing what they are doing.

Suggested time 1-2 Hours
Participants 2+

You will need: Interviewee lists, field journals, video or audio recorders, pens, post-it notes, flipcharts


  1. The interview technique works best when done 1 or 2 researchers with 1 or 2 o participants. Be careful not to lead participants or “put words in their mouths.”

  2. The interview context should support natural conversation

  3. Identify the target users

  4. Test interview questions, refine if needed

  5. Conduct the interview

  6. Collect information by taking notes and audio or video recording. In some instances, this might be best done in context – document the feedback

  7. Share the summary presentation and get a sign-off from all users

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