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Stakeholder Interviews

Stakeholder Interviews is a way to gather information from people across various groups who tale part in the management, design, delivery, or the use of a service.

Suggested time 30–60 mins
Participants 2+


  1. The interview techniques works best when done by 1 or 2 researchers with 1 or 2 participants. Large groups of participants can get difficult.  Be careful not to lead participants or “put words in their mouths.”

  2. Identify stakeholders to interview and develop interview questions and key topics

  3. Test interview questions, refine if needed

  4. Conduct the interview in as real as setting as possible

  5. Collect insight by taking notes and audio or video recording

  6. Share the summary presentation and get a sign-off from all key stakeholders

  7. As an output you can create a  diagram and report highlighting findings.

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