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Sketching and storyboarding

Visualising stories of user experience can quickly reveal patterns, helping designers produce ideas for and tackle painpoints. It’s also a way to bring a service concept to life; answering questions like: “Can you show me what it looks like?”

Suggested time 60 mins
Participants 3+

You will need: Post-it notes, pens, paper, some sort of recording device


  1. Form a small team where one person either takes a role of a user (storyteller) or you speak with an actual real user of the said service experience.  Others record the interaction and take notes.

  2. Ask the storyteller to describe the service experience in excruciating detail as best they can remember the experience. Ask them about how they’ve felt, and ask why. Don’t ditrect, just let them talk and always ask Why if you wish to know more.

  3. Document the details from the story in notes (1 idea per post-it)

  4. Thank and dismiss the storyteller

  5. One by one, combine each post-it note into one overall diagram, grouping similar ideas together

  6. Collaborate as group to agree on clusters and then name the clusters

  7. Vote on the top three themes from the clusters that could differentiate the service experience if it was reimagined. Give a sticker to the idea you vote for.

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