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Service Blueprinting

Service blueprints are visualisations of services and their components that are customer-focused. They allow people to see the building blocks of services and the people they involve.

Suggested time 1-2 Days
Participants 2-10

You will need: Definition of service that gets blueprinted, noting if it is a future or current state. Large format paper or template, pens, post-it notes.


  1. Form a team from different service areas and decide whether to create current or ideal blueprint

  2. Begin with a blank service blueprint template; modify the service steps (first row) as necessary

  3. Have one or more team members get experience on the current service

  4. Fill in the template starting from the first row and filling all columns in that row. Then continue filling row by row, until last row is reached

  5. When touchpoints are identified, map how these are present throughout the entire service. These should be preferrably drawn rather than written

  6. When identifing stakeholders, include ones that are not in direct contact with the user.

  7. Show connections among different parts; mark high and low points of the service experience

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