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Round Robin

Round robin encourages diversity and the refinement of ideas by bringing together team members with different perspectives and areas of expertise.

Suggested time 30 min
Participants 3-4 in a group
Download Template

You will need: Round Robin template, markers


  1. Each person should have their own round robin template. Write down a challenge.

  2. Write down a solution to the challenge.

  3. Pass your paper to your right and receive a paper with a solution from your left.

  4. Write down your critique to the proposed solution that was given to you.

  5. Pass and receive.

  6. Read through the challenge, solution and critique and develop the concept further so that it addresses the critique that was given of the first proposed solution.

  7. Pass papers back to the persons who wrote the original challenge. Each person presents his paper to the participants (1-3 minutes each)

Take photos of the finished templates for documentation. You can even take videos of the presentations.

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