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Taking a detailed look at all possible steps and touchpoints that are part of a service experience and mapping them gives a fairly complete, bird’s eye view of the service.

Suggested time 1 hour
Participants 1+

You will need: Pens, post-it notes, paper, camera


  1. This is a group interview where one person asks the group to describe every step and touchpoint of the service. For example, a service of “visiting a café to build your own sandwich” might begin with smelling the food on the sidewalk and end with the customer putting a magnet with the café’s address on his refrigerator. As steps and touchpoints are mentioned, the facilitator adds them on the map.

  2. Identify the service and invite interviewees

  3. Identify steps and touchpoints; write each on a post-it

  4. Start building the map by organizing the post-its in the order of unfolding experience; there will be branches and decision points; some post-its will be replicated and used in multiple places

  5. Annotate the map with indications of redundancies and opportunities

  6. Take a photo of the map and supplement with written documentation

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