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Personas are descriptions of a certain type of user. They are given a background story, such as where they are from and what their wishes, needs and possible fears are.

Suggested time 15-30 mins
Participants 1-5
Download Persona template

You will need: Research on users and the service area. Paper and pens.


  1. Gather the team into groups and hand out Persona Templates and pens

  2. Discuss which service area this Persona is a user of. If you have quantitative research,
    go through it together and discuss the issues that have arisen.

  3. Ask people to fill the templates. 

  4. Ask each group to present their persona in 1-2 minutes to the whole room.

The persona can be used in many ways in design, from playing a role in a scenario of use to acting as a source of checks and balances testing.

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