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Gather Feedback and Iterate

Integrating feedback from real users is vital in getting the solution to a point where it’ll bring actual value.

Suggested time <1 hour
Participants 1+

You will need: Materials to share your research/feedback results on users


  1. Together with the design team go through a collection of feedback and discuss. Always prioritise the user’s feelings and needs instead of tech or brand needs.

  2. If there’s plenty of feedback, you can synthesise them into clusters and title them. If the team seems stuck on solutions, run an ideation / brainstorming session for quick new ideas.

  3. Get tangible now and start building the next iteration of your prototype. 

  4. This is a method for refining a concept / service, so the end solution may not come until you keep doing the iteration based on feedback quite a few times. Keep a record and document the rounds of versions and sessions. Share failings as well, as that’s the way we all learn.

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