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Concept canvas cards

Concept Canvas Cards are a quick and effective way to generate, communicate and evaluate service ideas and concepts. A step up from a post-it, and quicker than a full-blown concept poster.

Suggested time 1 hour
Participants 4-6

You will need: Pens, template, documentation tool, evaluation matrix


  1. Decide on a name for your concept

  2. Record the name, possibly an image, and write up a brief description

  3. Present and share ideas

  4. Plot all cards against customer value first (x-axis)

  5. After all cards have been plotted, as a group decide on where to place them for cost (y-axis)

  6. Then cluster concept cards into ‘big idea’ umbrella categories

  7. Validate concepts against business drivers

  8. Validate features by what customers want and design principles

  9. Final concepts are then mapped on to a user journey and measured against business drivers

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