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Concept Evaluation

Concept evaluation provides comparisons that can help the team quickly assess and prioritise concepts based on criteria. They can then decide what to tke further.

Suggested time <1 day
Participants 4+

You will need: Post-it notes, pens, white boards, template printed, evaluation criteria


  1. The team creates a list of concepts from earlier in the project and positions them on the matrix. Then, based on design criteria and the proposal, the best-positioned concepts are picked to go to implementation. A short rationale for placing each concept on a matrix is summarised for each concept.

  2. Gather participants and select a team leader to facilitate collaboration

  3. Use a 2˟2 matrix and identify the two axes. Common dimensions are cost and value to those served. The dimensions can change based on context

  4. Assemble a list of concepts from prior phases and position the concepts on the matrix. Expect some discussion and debate before they are in their final positions

  5. Based on the design criteria and the number of concepts agreed to in the proposal, choose the set of concepts to take to implementation

  6. Prepare a written cost/value rationale for each concept

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