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Business Drivers

This tool takes a high-level view of the service experience and exposes as many drivers as possible.

Suggested time 1-2 Hours
Participants 2-8

You will need: Tools for doing secondary research, tools for documenting, flip charts, post-it notes


  1. Driver related ways that can be used include business drivers and many other: financial model cards, trends reframing, cultural mapping, etc. Use them early in the scoping phase to create a common understanding and clarify objectives/goals.

  2. Define the service experience

  3. Define market and business segments

  4. Conduct secondary research to identify business drivers, document findings

  5. Immerse designers in the business to gather information on business drivers

  6. Use data collection techniques from accessible sources with a business driver focus

  7. The data can be analyzed through Affinity Diagramming to create a set of business drivers Document in a report

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