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Brand swap

Trying on a new and different set of brand attributes leads to exploration of new and different perspectives. This is a great way to “break out of the box” and innovate.

Suggested time 20 min - 2h
Participants 2-6 persons for each team

You will need: Flip charts, post-it notes, markers


  1. Choose a brand that most people know. It should be a successful brand and clearly distinct from team’s own company. This can be wildly different company, such as Starbucks, IKEA or Norwegian.

  2. On flip chart, write the name of the brand swapped company. Ideally it should be a hybrid name. For example, Starbucks and Zalando could be “Zabucks”. Collect similar post-its together as groups on the wall.

  3. Identify attributes of the brand. Talk through the customer journey of the target company. How is customer interacting with the company, step by step? Document by taking photos or creating a smaller scale diagram.

  4. On flip chart, draw key moments of the customer experience process, how would the brand swapped company serve the customer? For example, how would “Zalando” serve customer, if it operated in the business of our company. Be creative and bold!

  5. Keep asking, what would ____ do in this and this step/phase, if they were providing the same service?

  6. Draw and write ideas of the hybrid brand experience.

The post-it note diagram can be left in place and added to over time.

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