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Benchmarking is used to audit competitive or inspirational services from a user experience point-of-view. It establishes the current playing field for the vision.

Suggested time 1-8 Hours
Participants 1-8

You will need: Research on industry trends, tech trends, cultural trends


  1. It’s important to understand “what’s out there”  and what people are used to in terms of brand or service experiences / technology. Before you improve or innovate, it is good to understand how people interact with certain services or industries. Benchmarking also works as a source of inspiration for the whole team. The more people you involve in showing your findings, the better.

  2. Define the service to be audited; do a features inventory

  3. Identify competitive services; do research and document

  4. Extract implications, directions and drivers for the design of the service

  5. Show and tell with the team