Innovation Matrix

This tool helps to understand how project work in a team, contribute to different types of innovation. This matrix proposes the notions of core, adjacent and transformation, to better map project work. We tweak this matrix for the use of our team and find it useful.


We came across the innovation matrix, a classic tool developed by mathematician Igor Ansoff. It serves companies to allocate funds among different innovation initiatives. What seems more appropriate in the case of Inland is to look at the allocation of time resources for different projects. We adjusted the innovation matrix from Nagij and Tuff (see further reading in the bottom of this article) to the Inland needs.

We map projects using two axis. One is about who are the projects for: a) existing Migri customers, b) customers underserved or not served at all, c)customers of other public agencies. The other axis is about the use and development of products and services: a) existing products and services, b) develop new products and services for our organisation, c)develop new products and services transferable to others.

Once we placed our projects in this matrix we understood where the efforts of our group were invested and where we need to put more effort in the future. The discussion based on the exercise of using this matrix was useful for Inland.


Read more about the tool and measuring innovations from a Medium article. 

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