Defining Problem Canvas РOngelmanmääritys kanvas

This canvas has been used to articulate ideas and start defining a new concept. The canvas has been translated by us, but it is a copy of the Defining problem canvas presented in the book The Service Innovation Handbook: Action-oriented Creative Thinking Toolkit for Service Organizations written by Lucy Kimbell.


We have used this canvas in many different workshops and collaborative projects. One case is when we were gathering ideas for the development of our internal website “Super Mintra”. We wanted participants to workshop not only to think in requirements for the website and prioritize them but also to propose new features and functionalities. Previously to the use of this canvas, they have to brainstorm complete new functionalities. Afterward they used this canvas to articulate what is the new functionality, what problem it is solving, how does it solve it?, who it is for?, and how they participants propose to develop it?. The canvas was extremely useful as it serves to guide the conversation and nudge participants to think in the relation of the problem and the idea suggested.

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