Welcome to inland

where we co-design public services for immigrants

inland is a design and innovation lab within the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).
we combine design thinking and advanced technology to co-design services that support immigrants and their communities.

our goal is to promote an organizational change in Migri and kick-start cross-public-agency projects that will have a positive social impact

we put people first, we make real things, we experiment, and we are bold and visionary

we are changemakers


in our blog we write about our work in progress, working methods and reflect on our work.

Initiatives to bring co-design to the organization

First of all: Why do we want to bring co-design? Co-design as a mindset aligns with the key government goals to have more flexible… Read More


The story behind the Q&Alendar

Sometimes the story is more interesting than a product or a service. Is that the case with Q&Alendar? It is up to you to judge. We will… Read More


Starting up smoothly — Connecting government agency information through chatbots

In public services we realise that customers often call the wrong organisations with their questions. Why does this happen? The… Read More


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our way

inland brings people together with shared beliefs and goals and invites you to transform your ideas into real solutions.

part of a bigger ecosystem

our ambition is to drive positive change inside the bigger ecosystem.

inland uses design to re-think work culture and enable organisations to deliver better public services.


Our design principles:

We put people first, no matter what

We always begin by identifying the people’s needs. By knowing the who and the why, we can make a difference. We are a team of change makers – people for the people and we continuously work towards better services.

We create together

We lead the co-design process with different stakeholders. We share what we’re doing with the people we work with and the people we work for, the public.

We experiment

We try out new things. We ideate, prototype, and test in order to learn. We learn from both our successes and failures to improve the next time.

We are bold and visionary

We are ambitious and work towards our vision of having a positive impact on immigrants’ lives. We work with an open mindset without limitations.

We make real things

We don’t give in to “it’s always been this way,” nor do we make empty plans. We believe that real measurable things create value. We work to make things real.

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